“I couldn’t keep myself, from making promises”

Ever have one of those days/moments when you put music on, because you must because music is lifeblood, and every song you flick to reminds you of things you are just simply not in the mood to think about or deal with …. Well, that is my today/drive home!

It began with Indigo Girls Making Promises and I am still waiting for it to end.

However, on the way home I nearly got hit by some arsehole idiot who reversed out of their driveway without even an imaginary glance before putting their foot down. I had to beep for them to even see that they were less then a meter from hitting me. It wouldn’t have been too bad, although it shook me up enough, except that I had five rolls of industrial size printing paper in the car, two of which hit me in the back and now I’m drinking my pain away.

So, my music hell has dissipated a little in distraction to pain in a back that already has enough troubles … so, time to turn music back on and ignore it’s magnifying glass effect on my life.


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